September 26, 2017

Is it safe to tan while pregnant?

One of the most frequent questions we receive both in-store, and to our online support, is ‘Is it safe to tan while pregnant?’  This is a very common question, but one with a very simple answer.

Tanning (whether outside or in a tanning bed) will not do any harm to a fetus.  The UV light does not penetrate deep enough to have any effect on an unborn child.

The only concern with tanning, would be getting too hot.  If you wish to tan, use a bed with a short session time, or really good cooling.  At SunScape Tanning, our stand-ups or Level 5 Prestige with real air-conditioning would be your best options with cooling that is more than sufficient to tan safe while pregnant.

Even more precisely, we think a great tanning routine for a pregnant woman would be 2-3 sessions/week in our stand-up bed (use the Level 4 as it has the strongest fan and quickest sessions times) for just 4-5 minutes per session.  This will provide you with a significant dose of Vitamin D, great colour to keep you feeling and looking good during the challenging time of pregnancy, and the session is short enough to ensure that you will not have any risk of getting too hot.

Getting sufficient Vitamin D is also of the utmost importance during pregnancy, and UV light is the best and most natural source to get this.

For a great article that goes into detail on the importance of Vitamin D during pregnancy, check this out:

This article ‘Is it safe to tan while pregnant?’ was written by Natalia Kerr, Partner/Director of Operations at SunScape Tanning Studios.  I just celebrated the 1st birthday of my child.  During my pregnancy, I did much research into Vitamin D and Pregnancy, and believe it is a worthwhile topic to explore.  The effects of this single vitamin can be astonishing.

If you are expecting a child and have any questions about tanning, Vitamin D, or anything else, feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]  I received a lot of support and guidance from friends, family, and even strangers and am happy to pay it back.

For any medical inquires, it is also best to consult with your physician.


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