November 4, 2016

Vacation Preparation at SunScape

Vacation Preparation

Living in Vancouver, BC, seeking a warm and sunny travel destination is often a great idea! However, without a base tan you are putting yourself at risk for a nasty burn, resulting in an uncomfortable feeling the remainder of your much deserved vacation! To minimize the chance of burning, here are some helpful tips on the perfect base tan and essentials to bring in your beach bag!

The Optimal Base Tan

  • Give yourself time – start your base tan at least 1 month before your vacation.  Begin by going every 2-3 days as you slowly build you base time while increasing the session time.  Once you receive the colour you are happy with, you can then go once or twice a week to maintain.  The earlier you start the better!
  • Personalized tanning schedule – dependent on the bed you choose, skin type and life style, your SunScape tanning expert will help you make the perfect schedule!
  • Tanning Lotion – we will help you find the best tanning lotion for your personal preferences and skin care needs for the best base tan!

Vacation Essentials

  • Tanning Lotion – the tanning lotion you used for your base tan can also be used outdoor during your vacation. Biofusion tanning lotion by California Tan is a fantastic option if you are going anywhere with a sandy beach. It is a gel formula and has a powder/ matte finish to avoid sand sticking to you and any oily feelings you would get from a tanning oil.
  • After Care – an after-care moisturizer is so important to extend the life of your tan while replenishing your skin from the moisture it loses from being in the sun all day. Aloe There by Botanica is a fantastic choice for vacation goers as it is packed with aloe and will sooth your skin
  • Tattoo Protector – keep your tattoo’s looking fresh, bright and pigmented with a tattoo protector!

Post Vacation

  • Make sure to leave yourself some sessions or membership time for after your trip.  Getting your tan is the hard part – keeping it is easy!  We highly recommend the Open Sun 1050 High Pressure bed for maintaining your results.  Once session every 10-14 days is all it takes.

SunScape has many different types of packages and memberships to suit the Vacation Tanner so be sure to stop by well in advance of your departure and let us help you make the most of your trip.

Bon Voyage!

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