We take your health and safety seriously. We meet and, in most cases, exceed health and safety requirements set by Fraser Health Authority to ensure you feel comfortable about choosing SunScape Tanning Studios. As sanitation can be a concern in our industry, especially at the many gyms and other facilities that rely on its own clients to disinfect their beds, it is imperative that our standards are in place for the health and safety of our clients and employees. We emphasize cleanliness in our training and ongoing training with staff to ensure every client has peace of mind about this personal experience.

Outlined below are a few of our policies and practices:
  • All beds are cleaned thoroughly after each use, with cleaning solution prepared precisely to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Our staff leave the hospital grade sanitizer on the bed plexi for several seconds and then completely wipe the full surface area of the bed.
  • We always provide a fresh towel for every client
  • We do not provide those foamy head pillows as they are a breeding ground for bacteria. Watch out for these at other salons!
  • Another critical area of sanitation is protective eyewear. Because of the risk of infectious diseases (i.e. impetigo, viral and bacterial infections,
    pink eye, conjunctivitis etc) we do not offer or recommend clients to borrow eyewear. Winks (disposable single use) and permanent eyewear
    are available for purchase in store for your tanning safety.
  • We use a Hospital Grade Sanitizer called Uva San Disinfectant (Domestic); Alkyl Dimethyl Ethylbenzyl Ammonium Chloride 0.025%; Benzalkonium Chloride 0.025%

We are inspected on a regular basis by Fraser Health Authority and we have received their highest rating on every single inspection at every location. View a recent inspection here.

Daily Cleaning & Store Preparation Daily Task List

Daily Cleaning & Store Preparation Daily Task List

with 50+ items to ensure a consistently clean and organized environment for all of our clients.

Our clients deserve clean, sanitized, and fully stocked restrooms.  This is why SunScape contracts with the cleaning professionals at Cintas to ensure our restrooms are always as clean and prepared as the rest of our salon.



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