SunScape is pleased to introduce you to the latest in anti-aging skin care; attain
firmer, younger looking skin in just 90 days without the use of lasers or other expensive treatments.

Short-term Results (One Month)

Refines pores and improves skin texture
Relaxing, stress-releasing sessions
A glowing complexion
Increased moisture
Soft, supply skin

Long-term Results (Three Months)

Improved regeneration capacity in muscles
Replenishes elastic in connective tissue
Reduced swelling around the eyes
Fading of age and pigment spots
Healthier hair and nails
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles


  • Firms and tones the skin and muscles
  • Fights the appearance of cellulite
  • Increase blood circulation and improves tanning results
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lessens pore size appearance


  • Excellent natural preventative ‘botox’ type treatment for anyone 23+.


Skin Aging

Two main factors influence skin aging. The metabolism slows down with age, which results in decreasing amounts of cell energy in the fibroblasts – cells that produce collagen and elastin. The body’s ability to supply fibroblast cells with the nutrients and moisture they need also decreases, resulting in lower collagen and elastin production – substances that the body needs for youthful, taut skin. By increasing circulation, stimulating the cells and hydrating the skin on a regular basis you can enhance your appearance, look better and feel great!

Targeted Light Energy

Light is an important part of our life and we know from everyday experience about the many different effects light has on our body, skin and mind. Scientific studies have well documented the benefits of light energy. The light energy emitted by the BEAUTY ANGEL is a gentle form of stimulation and is ideal for anybody who is looking for a natural, non-invasive way to help look and feel great.

Accelerate Your Red Light Results

Use Restored Prep Spray, Target Serum, and Post Cream both in salon, and at home, and enjoy even better results.  Inquire with our in-store staff.

The 3-Step Total Skin & Body Rejuvenation System;
A Holistic Approach to Beauty, Health and Fitness

The BEAUTY ANGEL is NOT a tanning system and does not expose the skin to UV light. It utilizes thirty (30), full-body red light lamps (non-UV) together with platform-based vibration exercise technology to stimulate the body and provide the foundation for a more youthful appearance.

A revitalizing 12-minute session three times per week is all you need to begin your BEAUTY ANGEL program. You will have firmer skin, toned muscles, increased circulation and a more youthful appearance within 90 days following the 3-step BEAUTY ANGEL program from SunScape.







Platform Based, Powered Therapeutic Massage, Muscle Stimulation and Exercise Technology

Full Body, Red Light Energy

Proprietary Pro-Collagen Skin Care Formulations. Vitamin Enriched and Aloe Infused for Maximum Skin Hydration.

The BEAUTY ANGEL experience begins with total body exposure to visible red light energy (non-UV) wavelengths primarily in the 580-700 nanometer range. Working in conjunction with the vibra-shape powered massage and muscle stimulating platform — and the application of vitamin enriched, aloe infused pro-collagen skin care formulations — red light energy enhances the overall effectiveness of the complete system.

Red light energy is a gentle form of stimulation that will effectively help to enhance your overall appearance. It is the ideal choice for anybody who is looking for a natural, noninvasive way toward looking and feeling great.


Program 1
Wellness (low intensity)
Duration: 10 minutes

Mixed frequency cycles target specific muscle groups in the legs, buttocks and abdomen to help tone and tighten muscles. This program, combined with BEAUTY ANGEL skin care products, also improves the skin’s appearance.

  • Relieves tension and relaxes muscles
  • Helps improve muscle tone
  • Helps restore muscle performance
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Speed metabolism
Program 2
New you (medium intensity)
Duration: 10 minutes

Designed for beginners and ideal for those starting a fitness regimen, this program utilizes medium frequency vibration and massage therapy technology to gradually improve muscle tone appearance with controlled, alternating movements.

  • Therapeutic massage
  • Increases fitness
  • Improves muscle function
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Speeds metabolism
Program 3
Cross-Training (high intesity)
Duration: 10 minutes

Using intense vibration therapy combined with high frequency interval training, this balanced program strenghtens muscles with powerful movements. It’s excellent for sports and exercise enthusiasts.

  • Strenghtens muscles
  • Improves fitness
  • Training for muscle cordination
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Speed metabolism
Program 4
Multi-Level (mixed intensity)
Duration: 10 minutes

Mixed frequency cucles target specific muscle groups in the legs, buttocks and abdomen to help tone and tighten muscles. This program, combined with BEAUTY ANGEL skin care products, also improves the skin’s appearance.

  • Helps firmand tone the look of the muscles and skin
  • Aids in fighting the outward appearance of culluite
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Speed metabolism

Clients LOVE Red Light Therapy!

""I started using it [the BEAUTY ANGEL] back in Dec 2010 and I have to tell you it is the MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!! After the first month, I noticed a huge difference in my skin overall. People have told me it looks and feels like I have "new" skin. I use that booth more than I use any of the tanning beds, that's how much I absolutely LOVE it!""


""I love the BEAUTY ANGEL! I have been using it and the products for almost 3 weeks now and I have seen a big difference in my face. The laugh lines are almost all gone, and my chin (turkey gobbler) is firming up great thanks to the Focus lotion. I can't wait to see what firms up next!""


""A car accident left me in pain and on medication for years. I thought I'd try the BEAUTY ANGEL...not expecting the results that I've experienced! I am almost pain free and my acne scars are almost non-existent. My husband, who was extremely skeptical, has had to admit that the results are AMAZING! I'm a BEAUTY ANGEL fan for life....because it has improved my life!! THANK YOU!!!""


""My husband kept asking me if I had lost weight...and then I realized...IT'S THE BEAUTY ANGEL and its toning techniques. My love handles have diminished and my skin is aglow. Everything has gotten tighter!! I'm loving the BEAUTY ANGEL!!""


""The BEAUTY ANGEL is my new best friend!!! I've felt better using it over the last few weeks than I have in years!! The pain in my knees is dramatically skin is beginning to get that youthful glow again....and the products are simply amazing!! I have become a BEAUTY ANGEL myself""


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