The idea for SunScape was born in November 1998 when founder Kelly Kerr tried indoor tanning for the first time at what was then North Vancouver’s most popular salon. He immediately knew that this was an experience that could be much improved upon, and spent the next year visiting top salons throughout Canada and the USA taking the best from each of the salons visited. In 1999, the first SunScape location opened on Mountain Highway in North Vancouver, and is still in operation today along with many other locations throughout Metro Vancouver.

Experience You Can Trust

  • Over 2 Million Tans Processed
  • Over 75,000 Sunless Tans Provided
  • Over 90,000 Different Clients Served
  • 1999

    SunScape opened in North Vancouver with 6 tanning beds

  • 1999

    2nd location opened in North Vancouver

  • 2001

    ‘Pryzma’ beds are added to both locations. The beginning of ultra-high end equipment at SunScape.

  • 2002

    The 1st ‘Instant Tan’ Sunless Spray Booth in British Columbia is installed at our North Vancouver - Westview location. Sunless Tanning in Vancouver has arrived!

  • 2004

    50% larger than our first two locations, Yaletown opens and sets a new standard for salons in BC, including the new Mystic Tan Sunless booth.

  • 2007

    Pitt Meadows location opens - our 1st franchise.

  • 2007

    SunScape is the first in most of its markets to provide true High Pressure tanning. It’s an instant hit with clients! Learn more about High Pressure.

  • 2008

    Second franchise location in Port Coquitlam opens. New format store features more high end equipment and spa services than ever.

  • 2008

    Matthew Joselin, with many years of previous Salon Management experience, is hired and becomes Operations Manager.

  • 2009

    New corporate store in the fast growing South Surrey area opens.

  • 2009

    The 3rd franchise, and 7th SunScape location opens at Suter Brook in Port Moody. Heated floors in all of the tanning rooms are a hit!

  • 2011

    Our 1st non-tanning service launches. Beauty Angel - skin rejuvenation via Red Light Therapy - launches at many locations and becomes one of our most loved services.

  • 2013

    VersaSpa PRO Heated Sunless Booths are launched at select locations. To this day, SunScape is the only BC salon offering this latest technology.

  • 2014

    SunScape purchases Urban Tan in Yaletown and operates as a separate brand until converting to SunScape in late 2014.

  • 2016

    Three tri-cities SunScape locations are purchased by corporate. All locations now being run by Head Office with new and improved management.

  • 2017

    In fall of 2017, renovation/salon refresh plans begin for all 7 locations as we prepare for our 20th year in business.


…that everyone deserves to look and feel their best. That’s why we buy only best equipment which provides great fans for all skin types.

We also believe in being a leader in the marketplace, and that’s why we are always the first to bring the latest technologies in both UV and Sunless tanning.

We believe in employing smart, wonderful people, who are highly trained & knowlegable about the skin and UV light, so you don’t have to be. *we think sunburns really suck.

We believe in short naps, that being warm is better than cold, and that everyone deserves a few moments to themselves.

We also believe this once ‘mom and pop’ industry deserves a professional approach.

We believe in the power of the sun, it’s pivotal role in good health, and that everyone deserves to know that the benefits of responsible exposure grealty outweigh the negatives.

We believe that as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

"Thank-you all for checking out our newly renovated website!  This past year has been full of change, most importantly with SunScape buying back all of our franchised locations so that all of our clients receive the same level of service that our business was built on.  As we move forward during the last quarter of 2017, we begin preparations for salon renovations at all locations.  I look forward to seeing as many of our clients as possible in the coming months!"

Natalia Kerr, Partner/Director of Operations

Customer Testimonials

“A car accident left me in pain and on medication for years. I thought I’d try the BEAUTY ANGEL…not expecting the results that I’ve experienced! I am almost pain free and my acne scars are almost non-existent. My husband, who was extremely skeptical, has had to admit that the results are AMAZING! I’m a BEAUTY ANGEL fan for life….because it has improved my life!! THANK YOU!!!”


“My husband kept asking me if I had lost weight…and then I realized…IT’S THE BEAUTY ANGEL and its toning techniques. My love handles have diminished and my skin is aglow. Everything has gotten tighter!! I’m loving the BEAUTY ANGEL!!”


“The BEAUTY ANGEL is my new best friend!!! I’ve felt better using it over the last few weeks than I have in years!! The pain in my knees is dramatically reduced….my skin is beginning to get that youthful glow again….and the products are simply amazing!! I have become a BEAUTY ANGEL myself”


This is the best tanning salon in the city (correction, the best tanning salon I’ve ever been to in any city.) They have a wide selection of beds and their high pressure bed is next level amazing. You get noticeable colour within the first session. After a few session I have people asking me if I’ve been away somewhere tropical because I get so dark. The tan I get from the high pressure bed lasts so long that I can skip a few months of tanning and I still have colour. Their spray tan is the best I’ve tried. They have a variety of levels that you can pick from and they all come out looking rich and natural. They have a great selection of lotions as well. Everything is priced reasonably and they offer amazing deals once in a while. The salon itself is well appointed and very clean. The girls that work here are very sweet, helpful and inviting. A lot of salons have snobby employees and I’m so happy to be able to say that this is not the case here. The employees here go the extra mile to make you happy (not to mention the fact that they’re really knowledgable about the beds and products they carry.) I highly recommend this salon to everyone that uses an indoor tanning facility.


Claire W., Yaletown

I’ve been a member off and on for a couple of years now. I really like their stand-up beds and they have great rates for unlimited use of these. This is the biggest salon in Vancouver so it’s nice to have so many equipment choices. The girls at the front are very nice and you can tell they’ve been trained well.



J. Heras, Yaletown

Been a member at this studio for a number of years. The managers and owners are very friendly and always able to discuss the needs that members have (special skin conditions, etc.) My wife and I are always met with a cheery hello and smile every time we’ve been in.

Al Mitchell, Pitt Meadows

First I should say that I am from sunny California and need this place like a desert needs rain. The North Vancouver location is wonderful in many ways. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure you’re happy and taken care of. This is customer service at its best. The inside is exceptionally clean and always smells great. There is never any pressured sales only great info on products or services. Each staff member is trained well and this is a compliment to the manager/owner.
I would not go anywhere else based on that alone but the entire experience is just an added bonus.


Wendy M Alnuweiri, North Vancouver

What sets this place apart from other tanning salons is the cleanliness, friendly and knowledgable staff! Yes, a tanning bed is a tanning bed but here I KNOW they are clean and staff are well trained. They have something called ‘the hydration station’ and it moisturizes you skin – my tan is deeper and lasts longer when i use it.  The spray tan booth is a bit strange at first but the results amazing!

I shopped around a bit but these guys have EVERYTHING.  and you can find locations all over greater vancouver so its easy to never miss a tan.


Lacey E., Port Coquitlam

I’ve been to plenty of tanning salons in the Tri-Cities, but none as good as Sunscape Tanning Studios. The salon in general is beautiful – very modern with gorgeous lighting & decor. The tanning beds are the best you will find – my pale skin quickly tans to a golden shade thanks to the Level 4 bed I frequent, and the VersaSpa sunless tan is the easiest way to a natural looking tan. Check out Sunscape, you will not be disappointed!


Stephanie S, Tri-Cities

This is my go-to location! Clean studio and friendly staff. As a member of the Felions Dance Team, we need to look our best. Sunscape provides a wide range of options both sun and sunless. I LOVE the high pressure bed, one of the only beds I have ever found that provides me a great tan without spending too much time in a bed. The VersaSpa is fantastic too, I always like to get one before game days.


Sara Bee, Port Moody

I had gone to Island Tan for many years and when they closed down last month a friend recommended this place at Grandview Corners. Thank-you friend!! OMg I had no idea what I was missing. The equipment here is unbelievable and for less than I was paying at my old place. They also have spray tanning and some kind of red light therapy thing that gives a ‘botox’ like effect as the girl told me (didn’t really understand it as the salon was busy and I needed to get in for my tan). I would definitely recommend checking this place out!


Chris L, South Surrey

If you’re in Yaletown and are looking for great place to tan — and by great I mean clean, good prices, prompt service and state-of-the-art equipment — Sunscape Tanning in Yaletown is where it’s at.

It was literally a block away from where I lived and my fave (when I cheered for the BC Lions) was the Mystic Tan! Since moving to Toronto, I haven’t found a decently priced salon for Mystic Tan anywhere around….makes me appreciate Sunscape’s pricing and their packages!

A must-visit…they even have a leg tanner! Woot!


Lia L, Yaletown

Very clean and friendly staff, great hours, highly recommend!!


Debbie Falk, Pitt Meadows

I have been going to Sunscape since 2006, when I moved to Port Moody I went to the Port Coquitlam location and when this location opened I came here because i live in the village.  The Port Moody location has continued the great Sunscape service and cleanliness!  I recommend this to everyone who lives in the area.  Staff are super friendly and the beds are really good! My daughter always does drop ins when she comes to visit from Alberta! Keep up the great work over there!


T.R., Port Moody

Brands & Vendors Featured at SunScape

  • Sun Ergoline

    #1 Tanning Equipment In The World

  • VersaSpa Pro

    Exclusive to SunScape in Metro Vancouver

  • SunCapsule

    The Fastest Stand-ups In The World

  • Beauty Angel

    Skin Rejuvenation via Red Light Therapy

  • Australian Gold

    Premiere Salon

  • California Tan

    Premiere Salon

  • Designer Skin

    Premiere Salon

  • JWoww

    Premiere Salon

  • Spotify

    Curated Music by Spotify

  • Port80

    Digital Agency Partner



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