February 21, 2018February 21, 2018
5 Ways To Make Sure You Are Not Vitamin D Deficient

“Use a sunbed – Artificially produced UVB can be a surrogate for sunlight in winter. Make sure you use a facility that has a trained operator controlling the equipment. A study I co-authored in 2010 showed that indoor tanners have some of the highest vitamin D levels in Canada.”

September 26, 2017September 26, 2017
Is it safe to tan while pregnant?

One of the most frequent questions we receive both in-store, and to our online support, is 'Is it safe to tan while pregnant?'  This is a very common question, but one with a very simple answer. Tanning (whether outside or in a tanning bed) will not do any harm to a fetus.  The UV light does not penetrate deep enough to have any effect on an unborn child. The only concern with tanning, would be getting too hot.  If you wish to tan, use a bed with a short session time, or really good cooling.  At SunScape Tanning, our stand-ups or Level...



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