Some of you may be first time tanners who have questions regarding indoor tanning. We want to make sure your experience is as worry free and comfortable as possible.

What a lot of people don’t realize until they experience it first hand is that indoor tanning is a very relaxing experience. One of the reasons people come to SunScape is for the stress relief a relaxing tanning experience brings. Now let’s walk through your experience…


When you come in for your appointment, one of our associates will ask you to fill out a form with your basic information, and then electronically sign a waiver form. We will make an assessment of your skin type, which will assist our staff in choosing the optimum tanning time and schedule for you.

If you wish, review waiver and complete sign-up form before arriving at the salon:


Our associate will then give you a full tour of the salon, and explain the tanning process and how it relates to the various types of equipment you will find at SunScape. Our staff is professionally trained so if you have any questions at all about your skin, how your skin tans or any questions about the room or tanning equipment please ask. Our staff is there to ensure your experience is a positive one.


We will make sure you are equipped with the following:

  • Protective Eyewear – your eyes have almost no protection against UV rays. Therefore, as required by the Fraser Health Authority which oversees tanning salons in Metro Vancouver, protective eyewear is mandatory.
  • Indoor Tanning Lotion – your skin will tan better when its moisturized and tanning lotion is specially formulated to produce a better result than tanning without it. These can be purchased once you arrive in sample or regular sizes.
  • Towel – we provide a towel for your convenience and to cover up areas not normally exposed to UV light.
  • Once you are comfortable with all of the information, we will take you to your room and explain how to use the tanning bed and any of it’s comfort features. Once you have applied your lotion, you may start the bed at anytime by simply turning the switch to on. All of our bed timers are controlled by computer, so you never have to worry about the time remaining as your bed will shut off automatically.
  • Some tanners tan nude, in a bathing suit or in their under garments but it all depends on your preference. We do recommend, however, that you limit exposure to areas not normally exposed to the sun (breasts, butt, etc.) If you would like an extra towel to do this, please ask.
  • We provide a full size vanity and mirror with complimentary toiletries in each store if you would like to do a quick fix up after your session.
  • Before leaving the store, you will have an opportunity to store your lotion behind our front desk so that it is always waiting for you when you come in. The cooling and heating of a lotion left in a car may break down and spoil faster than normal, so it is advised against.
  • If you have any other questions about your session, please ask one of our associates or visit our Customer Support section which goes into much more detail about all of our services.



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