October 30, 2016October 30, 2016
Women Need Sun Exposure

“And here’s an even more radical conclusion: The researchers found that avoiding sun exposure is on par with smoking as a health risk.”

October 30, 2016October 30, 2016
UV Light Even More Important For Older People

SUNLIGHT IS MORE A FRIEND THAN FOE FOR OLDER PEOPLE. By Marc Sorenson, Sunlight Institute Dr. Richard Weller, “enlightened” dermatologist, continues to dispel the myths regarding sunlight exposure. He and his colleague, Dr. Wright, recently published a paper that promotes sunlight for older people.[i] In it, they make several important points: “Intermittent sun exposure is a risk factor for the more dangerous melanoma but chronic sun exposure and outdoor occupation may be protective.” “Public health advice has tended to concentrate on the dangers of sun exposure despite the absence of any data that increased sun exposure correlates with raised all-cause mortality.” “Inadequate...



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