November 14, 2016

Women with high levels of vitamin D ‘are almost a third more likely to survive breast cancer’

WOMEN are almost a third more likely to survive breast cancer if they have high levels of vitamin D when diagnosed.

US researchers followed 1,666 sufferers who provided samples within two months of diagnosis

Researchers believe its benefit to breast cancer patients may be related to its role in promoting normal cell development and inhibiting the reproduction of cancer cells – effectively killing them off.


Previous research has shown that low levels of vitamin D among premenopausal women are associated with advanced tumours.
They found women with the highest levels of vitamin D had a 30 per cent greater chance of survival
A deficiency has also been associated with a triple-negative tumour – a rare but aggressive form found in one in five cases.

Blood biomarker levels were also obtained and 25 hydroxyvitamin D (250HD) levels were associated with better overall survival.


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