November 3, 2016

Do You Double Dip?

Double Dip…hmm, that sounds fun! Well it is!

Having a Double Dip is the most effective way to ensure a dark tan in the shortest amount of time. Our double dip at SunScape includes a UV tan and a VersaSpa spray tan, that can be completely customized to your tanning goals and personal preferences.

You will have the choice to have your UV tan before or after your spray tan, and there are benefits to both

UV Before VersaSpa: Having a UV tan before your spray tan will allow for your pores to open up for a deeper tan.

  • A light layer of silicone free lotion may be applied before your UV tan
  • You are able to choose between a lay down or stand up bed

UV After VersaSpa: If you are getting your double dip in the morning and still have your whole day ahead of you, having your UV tan after your spray tan will further dry you off and lock in your tan.

  • No lotion for your UV tan of any kind
  • Stand up bed to prevent perspiration

Before Your Double Dip:

  • Give yourself at least 24 hours between your double dip and the event you are tanning for
  • Shower and exfoliate using a body wash not a bar soap, removing excess dead skin
  • Remove make-up, fragrances and deodorant

After Your Double Dip:

  • Wear dark, loose clothing and open toed shoes
  • Wait to shower 6-8 hours after spray tan
  • Try not to get your skin wet until your first shower, including perspiration.
  • After your first shower moisturize 2-3 times a day to keep your tan hydrated and glowing!


Not only can you upgrade to a higher level UV bed for better results but you can also upgrade your spray tan to a multi-session treatment for the maximum double dip experience!

  • Prep spray helps balance the pH level in the skin and optimizes the skin’s tanning reaction for an even, deep, long lasting tan
  • Moisturizing spray reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps the tan last longer by preventing dry skin and pre-mature exfoliation

Try Your Double Dip Today!

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